Corporate Coaching, Training & Mental Health programs

Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching is a tool which is becoming increasingly popular in companies interested in employees’ development.

Social skills or soft skills of the employees is a determining factor in the productivity and success of an organisation. Even though it cannot be measured as easily as technical skills, soft skills like assertive communication, emotion management, leadership, planning, giving & receiving feedback, project ownership and responsibility, still requires as much attention.

The corporate coaching programs developed by the specialists from the Mental Training Center aims to improve and enhance the efficiency of an employee in relation with clients, co-workers & upper management.

The program consists in offering individual or team coaching sessions online or offline, on site (Cluj, Romania and abroad) and off site, for company employees, customised according to their needs.

Mental & Emotional health at work

Corporate mental health is often impaired by occupational stress, which may be accompanied by absenteeism, burnout and cardiovascular disease.

A study conducted by Oracle in 2020 showed that 70% of employees felt higher levels of anxiety than during the previous year. In addition, higher levels of stress (38%), lack of work-life balance (35%), burnout (25%), depression related to lack of socialisation (25%) and loneliness (14%) were also observed.

Mental health in the professional life also negatively impacts upon personal life: sleep problems, family conflicts and isolation from friends. Supporting mental health is essential because untreated problems can worsen over time, influencing employees’s lives and the company’s overall efficiency.

Dan Schawbel, managing partner at Workplace Intelligence, encourages employers to take concrete action to improve mental health, with 76% of study participants saying their organisation could do more to maintain the mental health of the workforce:

“The pandemic has put mental health front and center – it is the biggest workforce issue of our time and will be for the next decade. The results of our study show just how widespread this issue has become and why now is time for organisations to start talking about it and exploring new solutions. ”

The effects of mental health problems on companies

Neglected mental health negatively reflects on the company through: absenteeism, low involvement, conflicts, decreased productivity, inefficient communication, staff turnover, failure to meet performance standards.

For example, an employee who suffers from depressive symptoms such as fatigue, apathy, difficulty concentrating and making decisions will take more days off and will have a lower efficiency.

Companies like Starbucks or PwC have understood how the well-being of employees translates into the prosperity of the organisation. They offer various psychological services to the staff.

Our team of psychotherapists and counsellors can provide mental & emotional health services for the company’s employees, approaching a wide range of mental and emotional challenges.

Prevention is recommended for at least two reasons: it stops the spread of negative consequences from the individual to the team level and it is less expensive than managing the resulting losses from chronic problems. We develop prevention and education programs that help people to identify risk factors and challenges so that they know what actions are needed to prevent possible negative consequences.

For a whole to function at full capacity it needs the contribution of each party. To have high- performing and highly satisfied employees investing in mental health is vital.

Companies that have turned to mental health services have experienced positive changes in both the level of the work environment through a more relaxed atmosphere, as well as the level of the employees, through their becoming more motivated, more efficient in managing difficult emotions and happier.

Mental health support has long-term effects, with staff learning new ways to relate to experiences, both in their personal and professional life.

The Corporate Mental Health program is useful for:
“The fate of your company is in the hands of your people. Train them well. ”
Roy Williams
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