Pat Selvaraj-Akpo

Certified ICF-ACC Coach & Trainer

Pat is a Malaysian with an ICF Accredited Performance Coach with ACC and she partners with clients on journeys of self-exploration and self-resolution to unleash their full potential and uncover their best-selves. She has worked in various industries over the period of 20 years with training experiences in client servicing, marketing communications, business process operations, learning and development.
  1. Certified ICF-ACC Coach & Trainer
  2. Certified ICF-ACC Performance Coach
  3. Bachelor of International Studies from the Flinders University of South Australia degree
  4. Bachelor of Economicsdegree
  5. Diploma in TESOL
  6. Corporate Trainer
  7. Accredited Competency Professional (ACP)
  8. DISC Profiling Instructor
  9. Instructional Designer and member of various certified professional bodies including the International Federation of Coaches (ICF)


  • Performance Coaching

  • Team Coaching

  • Expat Coaching

  • Career Coaching


The lotus flower is an ancient symbol of resilience, growth and transformation. Every night, this beautiful flower submerges itself into murky water and miraculously rises- up and brightly blossoms again every morning. We aren’t so different.

We all know that life is full of challenges (our own “murky water”) but whatever is going on in our lives, we should remember that we can rise above our challenges, unlock our full potential and flourish brightly for the world to see.

  Hi, my name is Pat (Pathma). Pathma means Lotus in Sanskrit with the following descriptions:
  • Quick-minded, versatile and very expressive.
  • Adaptable and creative in responding to new situations.
  • Deep interest in people and a desire for new experiences.
  I am a Mother, a Wife, a Professional Coach, an Expat and a Global Nomad! For me, becoming isn’t about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain goal. I see as a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward betterment. The gift of lifetime that I can give you is by helping you to identify your strengths, explore and uncover your full potential — both personally and professionally. It is also a journey of joy for me to creatively partner with people from all walks of lives who are constantly striving in becoming the best version of themselves. What’s your journey of becoming your best version? Discover how to spark growth and transformation.   Book a session called ‘Coffee with Pat’ today!  

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